Prophix 11

Prophix 11 introduces mobile access from the iPad, a brand new interface, and redesigned workflow. See how our latest release offers an improved user experience and further automates complex projects.



Introducing Prophix Mobile (Available in the App Store)

Work online or offline. Providing access to live data from anywhere, Prophix Mobile eliminates down time. Analyze and respond to your numbers with financial information and performance metrics at your fingertips. Secure on-demand reports offer a personal touch, allowing you to review your updated data through the comfort of the iPad’s interface. Save, share, or print as needed. Prophix Mobile is purpose-built for the iPad, incorporating gestures and swipes, with no web browser required! Broaden engagement across your organization. Share reports securely with stakeholders, without the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. This functionality can help to earn buy-in from IT leaders, who may be looking for solutions to integrate with their mobile device strategies. Altogether, Prophix Mobile adds the perfect complement to your company’s existing solution.



An improved user interface (Developed with the business user in mind)

Use fewer clicks to reach frequently-accessed reports, functions, or data views. Enjoy tile-based screens that replicate the graphic, intuitive feel of Windows 8. Administrators can train new users with settings customized via the quick access toolbar. With Prophix 11, configuring views is easy !

Enhanced workflow management (Simplifying collaboration for today’s leading businesses)

Prophix’s Workflow Manager leaves a clear audit trail, tracking information as it flows through your organization. Assign, track, review, and report on multi-user initiatives like the budget cycle, the reporting process, and month-end consolidation. Save time when creating new projects. Easily manage changes, adjusting in an instant to realign for future years’ plans. Create groups, use drag and drop functionality to reorder tasks, and view project status updates in graphical form. Prophix 11’s Workflow Manager reduces cycle times while providing greater accountability, ownership, and control.

Additional developments

- Apply read-only access rights to alternate hierarchies.
- Post messages centrally to keep all users updated and informed.
- Find your files more easil.